If you’re coming by taxi, here’s the address in korean.

대구광역시 수성구 지산1동 556-7번지 성덕교회

Address in English.

Daegusi Susungu, Jisan 1dong, 556-7 bunji  Sungduk Church.

By Bus

204, 401, 403, 449, 564, 814, 수성(Susung)1, 수성(Susung)1-1, 수성(Susung)3-1, 수성(Susung)4, 급행(rapid bus)3, 순환(soon hwan)3, 순환(soon hwan)3-1

Station names : 지산동서맨션 아파트 Jisan Dongseo mention apat, 동서무학맨션 Dongseo moohak mention

By Subway

Line 3. Jisan Station

If you have a problem with finding direction, Please give a call 010-6550-7404 before Sunday to discuss or leave the your questions below. I will see you soon at church 🙂

큰지도[선명[ 1


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